Pathfinder and idiots.

Published January 29, 2014 by reachandflexibility

2 posts today. 1 pregnancy and 1 not. Will do the not one first as it’s been bugging me. Is it ok to kill off friend’s characters during role-play? Not as a DM but as another party member.

I’ll give you the situation. 2 reasonably new players playing simple enough characters from the core rulebook. We don’t know all the rules or the spells we just enjoy meeting each week and violently killing mobs and building a story for our characters. Then there is the 3rd member. He likes to think he is an advanced player. He builds characters made up combinations from numerous expansions, grants them combinations of items and spells to make himself strong in one area but totally useless in others. He patronisingly explains the rules when you try to figure something out for yourself. In simple he’s a twat without realising it. Is it fair to let him have his way with a character that has been built to a specific perfection or should he be bought down to the level of the other 2 players?

This is the situation our RP group is currently having with out Pathfinder campaign. I’m playing a sorcerer and the other newbie is playing a cleric. T(wat) has got a fighter. That can not fight. He’s trying to make it into some sort of Game of Thrones dancing swordsman thing (Basically a build he found online) and so far has been completely useless. He never has any health, complains that I hit him with spells when he’s in the way of everything and has more intellect than either of the spell casters purely because of this build he wants to make. Well maybe that suits him that he wants to play something stupid and inconvenience the rest of us but we’re not going with it. The discussion has been raised many times between myself, newbie and DM about T and his builds and whether we could just get him killed off in some way. This isn’t the first time either that he has done something like this. The last build was a fighter in our other campaign. Loads of armour, could barely be hit. Did fuck all damage. The moment my barb came along and hit like a truck I had all combat on me. Luckily I had the health to soak it but he yet again he tried being smart and was completely useless in his role. We’ve tried suggesting the DM view his characters before he agrees on them but you just know that when the game starts little things will pop up to make that character just the little more annoying. So is it right that we kill them off? Is there any logical way to teach someone who thinks they know everything that what they are doing is useless is every way?  Is there a way to punch said person very hard and not cause a drama?


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