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All at once

Published September 9, 2013 by reachandflexibility

So we’re at the start of September already. This year has gone by so quickly. Tomorrow I go back to college for the first time in 10 years. I will be surrounded by teenagers who are barely legal to drink and who think the big bang is a “cool show”. I’m dreading every minute of it.


How I expect to feel.

Whilst part of me thinks I’ll be the oldest one there and college isn’t about socializing its about studying another part of me hopes that I am secretly like Judd Nelson from the Breakfast Club. Possibly the coolest person there. I totally thought I was like that during college last time and that may have been where it all went wrong. Didn’t every teenager want to be like him though?


How I want to feel. (I can’t be the only one who found him sexy right?)

I’m doing the canine husbandry and looking forward to it. Finding I was 6% off the top mark for the part time course I did has only boosted my confidence that if I work and put my mind to it I can do well. 10 years ago I would’ve thought I’d just do well through arrogance but now I know I do well through work.

Anyways in other news the hospital finally got in contact with me about my infertility referral sent to them over a year ago. They asked if I still wanted an appointment (yeah duh). I rang around and got told speak to M. Well I spent a day trying to get through to this woman. Every time I rang was someone new who would ask me if she was staff or patient. They work with this lady and yet don’t know who she is. Yeah I was frustrated. In the end I left them a message saying get her to ring me. She hasn’t but today I finally got an appointment through. The only problem is it’s for Thursday. The same day as my first full day at college. And can Kim get the day off too for it? Nope. So I have to wait until tomorrow after college to ring them to reschedule it. If I can that is. Seriously the way things work over here annoy me sometimes. Like don’t book someone in for an appointment that soon unless you know they can make it. Not everyone can drop things at a days notice.

This appointment does mean though that things are moving forward again though. Hopefully we can see where we stand in the TTC light and if anything I can be called young again by the doctors there. I need to get back on my weight loss train too. Seems I lost some weight and then was lazy for a little while and weight has not only crept but has instead smothered itself onto me. I feel heavier than I did before and this weekend has not helped things. I have gorged. If it’s loaded with calories chances are I have eaten it. Why? Because with college starting, lack of monies and hospital stuff I’m not going to give myself another chance to. It was silly but was so needed.

Things that have also happened including a huge Facebook culling of “friends”. Not just the people you don’t like but the school types who you never spoke to back then so why should you now. A guy I knew had over 900 “friends”. Like, really? 900? Recently I’ve gained a real dislike for the site. I only have it to keep in touch with friends and family who live in other countries. Everyone else I have on skype. It just seems its a page for problems to be caused. Nothing but people trying to seem intelligent with discussions on current events (most of which they know nothing about) or neurotic people looking for attention and validation on their problems. I can’t be doing with it and yet still I have an account as I know if I got rid of it then people wouldn’t bother contacting me as it’s too difficult to pick up a phone it seems. But then again all friendships have an expiry date I think. How can you stay friends with someone when you live such different lives, Wanting different things? It makes sense when you’re at school/work/live together but after that why bother? You’ll both meet new people. You’ll both gain new interests. Just seems too forced to stay friends with someone simply because they/you can’t bare the loss.

Anyways so quite a bit going on this week and hopefully I’ll keep you all updated. I’m excited though nervous and I think things are going to go ok from now on. At least I can hope so. Here’s to September and a month of change for the better.