Science bitch!

Published October 15, 2012 by reachandflexibility

Right so update!

Friday I had my first tracking ultrasound to see if my body was reacting to the Clomid. The clomid which had made me emotional and wake up having hot sweats in the middle of the night. The nurse and her not so gentle wand told me my wall lining could’ve  been better. It was 3mm and though I had a lot of activity with my follicles, the largest was only 13mm. It was early days though she said. I booked another ultrasound for today and left hoping it would get better but feeling pretty bummed out that it hadn’t been the miracle I was hoping to see.

For facts sake this is what I wanted to see –   follicle and 8mm+ wall thickness… Yeah I should stop reading all this up.

I go back today and this time I’m logical. It’s CD14 and if my body doesn’t do what it’s meant to I’m going to go home, have a drink, cook a meal and wait for Kim before sulking like a teenager. I have a different nurse who wasn’t trying to crush my ovaries and all I can think is “maybe I shouldn’t have worn odd socks today”. She explains that I have a nice 20mm follicle ready and my wall has gone to 10mm which is awesome…Fuck yeah! I love science! Science works! I get given my trigger injection and sent on my way and told to call back in 2 weeks time. She’ll send me a new prescription “just incase”. I’m a happy bunny. That little voice keeps creeping in telling me things never work for me but fuck that little voice right now.  I’m going to use all my positive energy and do what all the lame books say and build myself a baby friendly mindset.

Also being 25 in the clinic by myself and feeling all eyes on me is not the most relaxing thing in the world. I never realised it until Friday but I am young it seems… Well not young but younger than normal in their ways it seems. I’m also not as classy as the other women in there. After 18 months and with apparently age on my side I hope this works…



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