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Published October 2, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So a review, I know it’s been a while. I’ve sort of been busy with real life things. But here we go!

WoW – Mists of Pandaria


This is Wixxy – She’s my gnome holy priest. She raided Dragon Soul. Cleared normal and is 3/8 in heroic there. She was one of the main healers for the guild and I loved healing on her. Notice how I use past tense? Just before MoP was released class changes were implemented and instantly it felt like I was fighting to get anywhere near the output I had before. Already a little disappointed I figured it’s how it is, change your play style and wait for the new gear and such. I did and here is how it went.

Day 1 – Forgot the release was even coming out despite the big panda pictures and spam in trade chat. Log on the morning after launch. Find instantly I have to spec shadow if I even want to do the quests. I sign up for an instance figuring I can grind them and get some decent gear. Well there is now barely any trash in the instance so farming them for xp was going to be impossible. Gear from the quests in them was limited to either dps items or healing items and I say healing items very lightly. No spirit as it seems they don’t want that anymore instead a slight stat change from the dps version of some crit – haste. Yeah I honestly thought it was bugged for the first few quests.

I started questing then in my shadow spec. Now I don’t like playing as a shadow priest – I’ll get this out first so I am biased when it comes to that. I find it to be dull, slow and tedious. But I did it anyways as it was my only option to gain xp from (apart from pvp and we know my feelings on that from previous reviews). The areas I quested were all the same. Every zone it seemed was grass and hills. There was no variety like there was in early expansions. No Hellfire to counteract Zangermarsh. No it was all green fields and hills. The quests were all the same as well. Go kill 10 mobs, heal 10 Npc’s, burn something, now go kill this main quest npc.Every single quest hub I went to followed this same structure. There were more escort quests than ever before and each one just led me to a new hub that gave me the same 15 quests to kill,heal,burn and kill. By the end of the first zone I had had enough. I logged off for a few hours and when I did come back it was to do the pet battles. I’ll explain more on them later.

Day 2 – I bit my lip and I go questing again. I also run another instance also lacking in variety from the last. Though the boss fights seem interesting at times they all come down to the basic tactic of DONT STAND IN SHIT. Again no loot from them and rubbish quest rewards/xp. So questing it is. Kill,heal, burn and kill. I’m thinking if I get to 90 then I can start doing what I like. I can run the heroics and do the raiding. Do the things I enjoy. I grind for 3 long levels. Getting barely any decent healing loot to keep me going in instances and I’m struggling to heal anything. Only 3 levels though. I’ve got my justice points and I’ll get some nice gear when I ding and then I can enjoy the game. I can do this.

Day 3  – Hills….Grass…Hills…. Mountain…Escort quest…Oh my god I might die of boredom at this rate! I make it though. I hit 90. FUCK YES! NO MORE FUCKING QUESTS! NO MORE GOD DAMN MOBS THAT NEED KILLING,HEALING,BURNING OR KILLING! I CAN FINALLY PLAY HOW I WANT AGAIN!

Nope…not that simple. Never that simple. I fly to a vendor with my justice points all excited about the gear I’m going to get. The instances I’m going to run and the fun I’m finally going to have after the 3 days of wanting to gauge my eyes out. I open his inventory and what does he have – Fuck all. “you need to be revered with so and so to get this item”…..what? I ask my guild if I’m at the wrong guy. “No, you require rep now for justice and valor items”….Um and I can get the rep running instances right? “No, you have to do dailies”……Are you fucking serious? I have to quest..After all the questing I just did. On the class that I don’t want to quest on. I can’t run instances for gear because I can’t heal them due to my shit gear from the quests I just did. Do I have any other options? I can run scenarios, which require me to dps. I can do the dailies a few at a time. I can grind the normal instances in the hope that I get dropped items so that I can progress to heroics where I will gain valor points that I can’t spend due to not wanting to quest. It was at this point I closed the game and decided enough was enough. Kim made me a list of items that didn’t require me to do dailies with. I started on them but figured what was the point? I wasn’t happy with the expansion. I didn’t want it to exist.

I tried the pet battling on my mage. I refused to level her up as I didn’t want to quest in the green dull zones again. Pet battling was ok. Basically Pokemon only with your own pets. You get loads of achievements and it does fill the void of there being no real minigames in the past. I enjoyed this but as an entire community moves forward, you sort of get left behind and it loses the fun very quickly.

So quick sum up/ some extra things

Pros –

Pet Battling – It’s Pokemon all over again. It’s simple and finally has a use for the 264 companion pets I have. I can finally name them the things I want as well.

Gear looks nicer. There is less brown and things finally look a little more epic

Yeah that’s all I have for Pros….

Cons –

All the areas look the same! They look nice but once you’ve seen one Shaolin style monastery you’ve seen them all. I wasn’t interested in them during Guild Wars Factions and I’m not interested in them now.

Quests are all the same – Now yes this was the same in previous expansions. It’s how it is with any MMORPG – But I have never in my entire time of gaming known them to be so repetitive, grindy and painful to complete.

Instances are off-limits unless you have the type of mindset to run dailies and after 5 levels of quests I didn’t have that mindset at all.

So in conclusion at this point in time I’m happy to let my subscription expire. They have tried to make subtle fixes so that less questing is needed but it’s far too little. My recommendation to anyone who hasn’t upgraded yet – Don’t bother. It really isn’t worth the £30-50 and the monthly costs. I didn’t even touch the panda/monk stuff as by level 90 I didn’t care. After 7 years of playing WoW I’m throwing in the towel and searching elsewhere for my enjoyment. It’s sad for me but it’s only a game.


Gnome Female – “I apologize profusely for any inconvenience my murderous rampage may have caused.”

(Tiny smallprint here – Don’t bother arguing with me about my points. This is how I feel and no ammount of fanboy advice will make me change my mind…oh and Blizzard don’t sue me)


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