CD1 – Time for more drugs!

Published October 2, 2012 by reachandflexibility

Just got my MoP bile out so time for a post from home to say how I’m getting on. My last Home life post was a little vague with everything as to be honest I didn’t know how to feel at all. I spent most of the evening making little sense and couldn’t even form a sentance to my mum when she rang me.

But today is CD1 of cycle 17. I have for the first time in over a year had 2 cycles that lasted the same ammount of time. I call this a result. Today I also picked up my Clomid – 50mg. I’m a little fascinated that a pill so small could change my body in such a way to make it work. It’s quite strange really. I’m still waiting on the injection drugs to come into stock so they better be here by end of next week or I’m going to be freaking out. I am as usual on CD1 dosed up to the eyeballs with painkillers as my ovaries feel like they’re trying to punch their way through my kneecaps. It’s not enjoyable but there is nothing I can do to prevent it…

I’m a little excited for the Clomid. Like it could work…right? At the end of this month I could be…Dare I even say it? But I could be pregnant? I don’t want to put my hope on this. I don’t want to be swatted down when it doesn’t work and I go to my scan on the 12th and they say “nope you’re fucked, lets try again next month”. I have to be realistic. But it could work….It might work….



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