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Published September 15, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So prepare for some dull stuff. If you’re not into WoW this will bore you incredibly but I wanted to go on about my characters for a post. WoW is a big part of my time during the days and keeps my mind from the worries that build up in my fragile little mind so here goes.

I currently have a total of 6 level 85 characters. All on the same realm, same faction and surprisingly all female. There’s something about playing male characters that I just don’t feel comfortable with. Most of them are gnomes too (which are the best of the races….stop argueing they are!)

Anyways we have my main – This is Alpy – My first ever character in WoW. She’s a mage, mining engineer, chef, and highest dps on any server anywhere in the world. Trust me I’m a wow player 😀

Next we have my tough and mighty tank Whipple-

Look at her taming that big crocodile – Amazing isn’t she!

We have the lock (Wabble) and second mage (Kærlighed) (Yes I like mages – levelled 6 so far so expert mage here – except frost…nobody plays that pvp shit)

I apologise for the cropping but I’m not a Photoshop person at all. I best introduce Phuughun as well (He doesn’t like being left out)

And finally with my hunter (Shinjoo) Named after a character from a slightly graphic japanese dating sim.

The names of the pets are all really chosen by the waps – Jupiter was only caught today and was really called Oomowmow but it sort of didn’t fit him. He’s probably the only one with a proper name. There is all GrrGrr the Devidevisaur, Woofymcbark the police dog and Webby the spider but they’re all currently AFK.

I also sort of wanted to gloat with this post about my recent tame of Jupiter ( one of the rarer of the pets) so muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


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