Blood sucking baby makers!

Published September 5, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So CD1. 13dpo and CD1 shows. I shouldn’t even be trying to worry about that should I? It’s almost like my mind is searching for causes at the moment. Something that can be fixed. Painkillers I was prescribed seem to be working fine. Well they’ve taken away the cramps but left my knee aching which is strange. I’m finding it strange how my right leg/knee aching is a warning of AF about to start. Leg you are not connected to my ovaries, Quit fucking around!

With CD1 though does mean in about an hour I can book my CD2-4 bloods. Just need to hope that they have space to fit me in. Last thing I want is for GP to have to take it. I would rather have the nurse and ask her half the worrying questions I have in my mind. Nurses seem to be a lot better at listening than GPs. At least in my experience anyways. Makes me think of the clip at the bottom – 15 seconds to explain your life story and hope that they actually listen to what you’re saying. Maybe they’re just busy with workload. Oh well.

Sill trying to sort all of Kim’s tests. The disadvantages of working 9-5 I guess so trying to find a GP that works weekend to take the 1 vial of blood from him. The bruises haven’t even healed from my last test yet and I’m already looking to be prodded again. Maybe my doctor is a vampire. Might explain why all this blood needs to be taken. Oh well. I guess this is just important to me.


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