Ma feet hurt!!!

Published August 17, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So 5 days minimum was what I expected. Now I know what you’re thinking OMG 5 DAYS HAS PASSED RIGHT???….Well guess what! No it hasn’t…AF arrived 3 days after my blog fucking over my average cycles yet again and sending me into the realms of pain and chaos. 4am I awoke with my back, knees, stomach and well anything else that could hurt hurting…I was not impressed. So I took myself down to my doctors (needed to go anyways for flight pills) and I demanded…Well maybe not demanded…I um…well I nicelt asked if he could give me some pain pills and move my referral to the quick clinic with the 45% success rate for embryo transfers. That sounds good to me. And it won’t take until fucking November!

So yeah got both of them sorted \o/. Given some painpills called Ixprim – Internet says they sometimes work and others they just give you nausea. Well I googled and googled and couldn’t find a thing on them. The dr’s warning of they can be a little hit and miss sort of filled me with dread as well so they’re currently sitting in my draw until CD1 shows again and I’m in need of being knocked out.

In other news I went back to the UK and spent some time with my family. Well most of my family. The ones who were there anyways. It was pretty good. Realised how well behaved Plato is, how much I love Final Fantasy 7 and how much I enjoy dark chocolate. (Kim sent me some while I was over there. It was fucking amazinggggggg). I’ve decided to stick to the course in Cork and even if I don’t get in this year I will just carry on with my pet shop work and will hopefully get in next September. I’m hoping this all pans out properly. I’m hoping I can find time for the pet shop with Plato going mental. It really does feel like our lives have been forced to mould around him since we got him. Maybe it’s just because there’s only the 2 of us. It’s a puppy, it was expected. Still love him to bits!

Anyways back to going through the list of house jobs that need to be done. 2 down, only a page to go.



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