2 out of 3

Published August 2, 2012 by reachandflexibility

Things have changed. Since my last post. My very negative and shitty post things have changed. Kim has been offered a job so that it one less worry. Today whilst doing my voluntary work I found an injured hammie who had been removed from the rest. I couldn’t just leave him there alone so I’ve been allowed to keep him. No one else would want him all scared and bloody. I wanted to look after him and make him feel loved, even if he turns out to be a blood sucking menace I’ll take care of him. We’ve named him Lowen (For any Grimm fans, yes that is one of the species of um..monsters). I’ve also been offered a few more hours work there as apparently I’m good at what I do. :S

I’m still waiting to hear on the courses. I have an interview on the 13th for the one back in the UK and I’m sort of looking forward to it. I do hope I get into the cork one but we’ll see. So all in all 2 of the 3 things are going ok right now. And with the way karma works I hope the 3rd does too. I’m currently on CD20. 8 days to go. I’ll be pissed if it’s 14 days but I feel it will be 8.  I’m trying to ignore the weird dreams, the fact I’m always freezing, the fact I had trouble sleeping on my chest as my boobs were sore as hell. I’m ignoring all this as I can’t be that lucky. I’m never that lucky.

2 out of 3 isn’t that bad though. We have some sort of plan now though and hopefully things will be ok. God I hope they’ll be ok.


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