positive post 2… well sort of

Published July 6, 2012 by reachandflexibility

Ok. So positive post. I can’t say I was feeling positive a few days ago but here goes anyways.

Chased my referral yesterday to be told they currently have a 6 month waiting time and to just be patient. Got advised that there is a better doctor privately who could deal with us quicker if we don’t feel like waiting. After sending them an email asking about prices and such they replied within 10 minutes. Now that’s what I like to see. Seeing my doctor on Wednesday so hopefully I can get referred over to them instead. Then it’s just the fun and games of waiting for CD21 to get those bloods sorted. Something my GP has not even taken from me yet. I hate have unpredictable cycles. It’s been over a year. I just want 1 consistent month please!!!  But positivity of this is that the other place seems quicker and reading up online they are good at what they do. Wednesday will hopefully start proper investigations. I just dread getting there and being told “it’s because you’re fat”. So much so I was even dreaming about it last night. I really need to find a diet that works or just stop eating. I could try to bring them coloured foods into the house but I don’t think Kim will be too impressed :p

Plato is.. well I’m not sure if he’s getting there. He’s fine during the day, at little bitey but with me at least it doesn’t go on for long. Night time is proving to be the problem as he just doesn’t seem to understand this whole house training situation. Or should I say “shit”uation. hahahaha I crack myself up. It’s not making Kim too happy though as already suffering with dog allergies he’s usually up a while before me to clean up after him. Need to find a way to get him to learn. He’s fine throughout the day but at night he just goes wild. To google!!!

Family life is still going ok. Little sister is moving soon and will be away from all those cheese eating surrender monkeys ( to quote Jeremy Clarkson) so that’s good for her. Other sister has started her fun job as a mental health ward walking person. I suck at job titles but she seems to be enjoying it muchly, despite the injuries from falling over. And the final sister has just started her first ever job as well. It will be an eye opener for sure and I just hope that mum is getting rent out of her so she can start to learn what the real world is like. It’s not some fairy tale where we all have cash and flats are just given away!!!

Ok so maybe this post was a bit of ranting and a bit of positivity but I feel good after it.  It could be that because of inconsistent cycles my hopes are a little more varied. If it shows early then we may have done enough and if it shows late then we may have done it. What we don’t want is an in-between cycle. So for now trying to remain positive. I may need ice cream in a week or 2 but I’ll try to make it low-fat ice cream… Wait…Who the hell wants fat-free ice cream???




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