Hitting the snooze button

Published June 24, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So I made it back to Ireland and me and Kim sat down and had a chat about everything going on. We have decided to settle in Ireland, find new jobs and make ourselves a home here. Not just a place I plan to live in until I move somewhere else like I have done for the last 6 years. Actually settling down and finding new jobs here and making the house a home.  So first thing first was to get the puppy we had been planning for a while. When I went to the UK I spent most of the week with my 11-year-old collie dog Trinity. On the left is her after her surgery (caused by me, well not done by me but you get what I mean. I found a lump on her when I got there and dragged her to the vet for checks. Well she had it removed that same week). Despite it all she still snuggled up close and then proceeded to bleed all over my quilt. I felt so guilty afterwards but it was all needed. I also spent the week with the 8 month old collie Nina (on the right, surprise surprise)… Now Nina isn’t as lovely. She has her good moments but they are drowned out by moments of pure derpyness.










I came back and missed having that loyal companion. That lovable friend to play with all the time. Who got excited by going out walking or just playing with a ball. So puppy hunting commenced. I was already caught between wanting either another collie or a basset hound. I’ve not owned basset hounds before but after reading for ages about them I decided it would be the perfect dog for me and Kim. With Kim being allergic to a lot of animals the basset seemed the better choice. So off I went online. I’d seen an advert posted a week before for a guy selling some basset puppies and looking at the 11 there I figured I’d give him a call with a hope that maybe he’d have 1 or 2 left. We were in luck! 3 males and 3 females and we could come choose the one we wanted. Only problem was he lived an hour away. This was not going to stop me though. The puppies were too cute and my excitement was like a child being fed candy floss on his way to the chocolate factory inside Disneyland! So we rented a car. It seems silly but it was worth it. We went and we picked out that little puppy. The little bundle of joy that will add so much to me and Kim’s lives. On choosing I picked up the one that just seemed like he wanted some love. He snuggled close and when I asked him if he wanted to come home with me he wagged his little tail. Well I was sold. He comes home with us on Sunday. Our little Plato.

Plato – “Life must be lived as play.

We wanted a more intelligent name for him rather than the usual things of Doug and Fluffy. After going through everything of Einstein and Copernicus (Both from Back to the Future) we decided Plato was perfect for him. People describe pets as snooze buttons for the ovaries. This isn’t why we’re getting the puppy. The puppy is part of the master plan of having the whole family. I’ve still heard nothing from the hospital and I’m tired of putting my life on hold waiting for the result of every cycle. I’m going to live my life with everything I want and Plato will be the start of it. 6 1/2 days left until I bring him home.


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