And they say nerds don’t find love.

Published May 18, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So I was going to chat about D3 but another blog on I read on here gave me this plan. I would link them but firefox won’t allow me to load any blogs and as such I’m reading them off my phone. I’ve tried fixing it but laziness and lack of knowledge about technology has won again. So this weeks blog I will talk about me and Kim. I figured something so important in my life was worth a feature on my blog. I guess he deserves it too what with living with me.

So me and Kim met through work like most couples do though it was not a love at first sight type of romance. In fact he thought I was gobby and loud and I thought he was arrogant and terrifying.  After about 7 months of working together I got invited by a friend to go to their new table top roleplay of Star Wars hosted by Kim. I hadn’t done much,if any, roleplay but figured I might enjoy it. So we started gaming together and I got the impression that he wasn’t as much of a jerk as he first seemed. He wasn’t shouting at me about work so that was a bonus.

1 night about a month later I had this strange dream which he was in where he was just holding me telling me things would be ok. Now during this time I had been going through a bit of a down patch. Self harming almost every night, on and off vile anti depressants (Not good in simple) and when I had this dream I believed what he was saying and I woke up the next day feeling 1 – confused, why was it him and not my then current bloke? and 2- wondering how i would woo this strange Danish, slightly terrifying guy without coming off as crazy.

Well I went with number 2. Things between me and my ex had been strange for a long time. Even before we got married. We were more like friends who were living together than an actual couple – probably one of the major problems with meeting at school. I’d grown bored and wanted to experience life and he wanted well more than i was willing to give him. I’d gone from the puppy love teenager to the strange housewife in such a short while. But anyways enough about that. So option 2 it was, I would send odd texts, nothing obvious just things trying to make conversation, the type of trying to get the attention without scaring him into submission (he wouldn’t submit anyways, too damn stubborn for that). He sucked at getting the hint but one day we caught each other online. On Facebook of all places, I guess that’s one of the things good about the site. We decided to meet up town and as I agreed my heart pounded and I had to figure out ways to try to impress and not fuck it up. Or at least have him say no to me so I could work on getting that idea of a new relationship from my head.

So we meet up, go for a nice meal together. I sly in to the topic about relationships and he mentions that he wouldn’t want to be with me (just as an imaginary situation). Well I was destroyed but figured oh well, carry on like normal. We spend the entire day together. In the evening we parted and suddenly we’re chatting online again soon after. The conversation turned to more flirting to eventually pure smut but after it we both knew where we stood. We wanted to go out together, see how we coped on a date. Well that date ended up with me staying the night. We’ve been together ever since. The breakup with the ex could have gone better than expected. At least that ended just before the date or I might have felt guilty for technically cheating but we were over long before that night I felt.

But yes, me and kim. Hopefully together for much much longer. Not sure if I ever feel like getting married again after the last disaster but you never know. I love him and fingers crossed he loves me just as much.


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