Onwards to victory!!!

Published May 4, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So, with much contemplating I dragged myself to the doctor. 12 months we’re at. We’re moving but I need to put my mind at ease.

Well I toddle in after being kept waiting 45 minutes past my appointment time. Why dr’s take so long to get to people I’ll never know. It was opening time after lunch and I was the first appointment after it so no excuse. Either way I get in and explain the situation to him. He pulls up my chart and looks at my last numbers and such. I mention the chemical pregnancy which he looks at me confused with. He then asks “what do you mean?”….You’re the doctor! You should know this shit! Oh well, I tell him about it and he adds it to my notes. He then checks back over my blood tests and my cycle lengths (which cunningly I had with me) and the scan I had with the first miscarriage. They use the lingo missed miscarriage. I’m not sure if I prefer this title for it or not. It sort of states that I didn’t even know about it all in the first place. Then again chemical pregnancy likes to imply that I wasn’t even pregnant in the beginning. Asshole doctors with their terminology.

Anyways with a check slower than the previous time of 8 seconds when I first asked for the results he goes it seems very likely you have pcos. Your scan showed it and although your blood results were normal areas of it are a little on the “eh” side. He’s a medical genius with terms like “eh”. So he explained all the pcos to me, how my body might be ovulating as technically I have conceived twice but the eggs it is sending out are of a bad quality.  I just nodded despite knowing the majority of all this from google, forums, sister and such. It was pretty much a diagnosis there and then which I was a little surprised about. He showed me the notes regarding it all. Things that were  put by the doctor who scanned me and how he agreed with the blood tests. So yeah….pcos. It wasn’t a direct line of “you have this” but it was enough in detail for him to be happy with saying and for me to be happy with hearing. Well not happy but you get what I mean. There is a reason. I knew there was something and that’s a good start for me.

With this result he has forwarded my details to the local fertility department of the hospital who will run all the other tests and hopefully get me and Kim on the way to having out first child.

I don’t know how Kim is all with this. Maybe it’s a bloke thing to not overly react to situations like this. So long as he’s ok then I guess all is well with things. We’re finally not alone with all this. I just hope it’s not a long time to wait.


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