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Lost hours and a good reason why.

Published May 30, 2012 by reachandflexibility

Right so I promised a review right? I’ve had a friend over for the last week so it’s coming a little late.

Nameless one – “I wonder what it was I said that made death reject me.”

We’ll start with Planescape Torment. Now this game is olllllldddd. Well 1999 that’s old in my gamer world. I was only 12 at the time and was just finding out about 5ive and other strange teenage things. Mostly WCW and how to hit a man with a guitar. It’s essentially Diablo only with a lot more talking and a system that you have to work with, something that to be honest I’m not used to doing. You need to actually think when it comes to levelling up and you need to avoid combat at times. Like come on! I’m the hero and that means I can kill anything and everything whenever the hell I want to. Well apparently not with this game, with this one you will die and you will find yourself trekking the crypts to find where you were again and again and again. It’s not all bad though, the characters seem pretty solid and you do get some awesome one liners from it such as “One time you awoke obsessed with the idea that *I* was your skull and chased me around the Spire trying to shatter and devour me. Luckily, you were crushed by a passing cart in the street.” It seemed to be a good game and I hear a lot of old school gamers swear that it’s the best rpg ever. It’s not to me though. Maybe it’s because I’m one of the lazy culture and I just like things to be easy (most likely) but I just couldn’t get into it. I tried but with the occasional crashes caused by it being such an old game I just couldn’t get immersed into it. I kept dying, I kept have trouble with the UI, the chat options only ever seemed to link me back to other chat options that I didn’t want. It’s clunky and I think this is mostly caused by age. If they could streamline it to be more newbie friendly but still kept the plot and the characters and such I think I’d be much happier and would prob probably have kept going to the end. I know I should have anyways but I’m not the type to play a game for 72 hours just for it to then get good. I want good from the start. Hell, I can’t even sit through a Michael Bay film waiting for it to get good.

Covetous Shen – “Hope… Do not look down, my friend. even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. Hope for a better day, hope for a new dawn. Or just hope for a good breakfast. You start small, then see what you can get

Now we’ll move onto what took over a few days later. It’s what took over a lot of people I know and there’s a good few reasons why. Diablo 3. Long awaited sequel and finally a pc game that isn’t Mass Effect which has made me lose numerous hours and driven Kim to referring to himself as a “D3 widower”. Now before I start I will say this – I only played 30 minutes of D2, I played nothing of D1. I have no idea about the original plot or how it used to work so before I see comments of “OMGWTFNOOB” I’ll explain why.  D1 was released in 1996, 3 years before Planescape Torment. I was 9 and we owned 1 pc in the house. It was loaded with my dad’s games and a copy of cats. I didn’t game at all. Maybe SNES but that is all. Diablo 2 I finally acquired in 2009 when I started working at Blizzard itself. I assume now that I’ve left I can say I worked there. *shrug* Anyways I got a free copy and expansion of it. I installed it on my lowly laptop and began to play as my barbarian (nice and simple class lots of smashing). Well I then went to a cave and died. I decided I’d level up and then go back to the cave, except when you died you lost all your items and had to go fetch them from the monster filled hall. Well queue my normal reaction to such situations – “Fuck this game!” – I tried at a later date to play it only to find my pc couldn’t run it at all. I’ve not tried since. I’m not a technical or patient person at all. Then D3 was released. Played the demo and thought ok. I’ll give it a chance, tried the death system first and it seemed ok. Got a copy and installed – Lost 60 hours of my life instantly.

We’ll start with the pro’s –

Death System has been improved. Yay! You die, you run back  in, you res, you lose durability on your items but you still have your items. I can deal with this. Gold is so easy to come by that repair costs are nothing so you can basically suicide run your way through anything. I like this. I like no penalty when I die. That is on the normal modes of course :p There is still a hardcore mode where if you die you die. Not in real life, that would be fucking sadistic. You die for good in-game. I will try this as a laugh once I have completed my current play through. I expect to die quickly. 😀

Gold is easy to come by. If you just clear a dungeon you get a lot of items and can sell them and be loaded pretty quickly. In the words of the guy from Goldmember – “I like gooooolddd”

The story – The story is awesome even if it does seem a bit rushed towards the end. It might just be me but I’m left asking what happened questions when it finished. I won’t spoil it so go play, you play now!

Soundtrack is fucking awesome. As are the voices for the characters. This keeps you involved with the game because I think if my character had sounded like Christopher Walken or something I might have been a little distracted and just muted the sound. Even the constant sound of smash,bang,scream, ughhhh, is cool with me.

I suck at pro’s for a game so I’m going to stick with go play the game and just accept that it’s a good game.

Now for the cons, I will mention that most of these aren’t problems with the game development itself. You’ll see what I mean –

Lag. Now I expected lag. It’s an online game and well it’s what you get but D3 seems to be affected by everything and anything. You can be on google loading pictures and on another pc you get lag. Not just little bitty lag, I’m talking major unplayable lag. Lag where you find yourself teleport 20 feet back and are at 0 health while mobs mush your face into tiny pieces type lag. I don’t think it is so much the servers. The first few days were hell for login but that was expected.  This seems to be something else and I’ll just let the techy’s deal with it and will make sure not to be doing anything else at the same time.

The auction house. Now for non gamers the auction house or AH is like the eBay for your gamer goods. You get an item in-game, something that you think is worth more than 500g and you post it on there. Simple right? Not really…Due to the amount of people playing it and the excess gold that people pick up you’ll find yourself scouring through 49 pages of shitty items that cost anywhere between 50k and 1m. The economy is a mess and unfortunately players don’t really seem to be improving this as at the end of the day they are getting their gold. When gear is a big part of the game you need to keep on top of it. Unfortunately what you get dropped is random and if you’re like me the AH is your only source for items. I refuse to give gold to people for something they got out of luck. I’m like it in all games. Until the prices come down I won’t be buying much. I dread to think what items will sell like when the real money one is released. If it ever is.

Now gear. As I mentioned it’s a big part of the game. If your gear is shit you will die a lot. You will not do the damage needed or be able to take the damage. Especially when you change acts in the game there is quite a jump in the mobs abilities to kill you.  The con with this is the gear you get is completely random with the stats. You could get dropped a sword and it have 900 strength on it. Your friend could get another sword and it have 6 strength on it but instead have 894 intellect on it. This of course means you can’t just farm for an item as you might never get it. You’re sort of forced to use the AH which as said is completely out of control for the time being. This makes it very difficult for the casual player to enjoy the game fully. Maybe this will be sorted somehow. I’m not sure. For now it’s best to just use what you can and not give into the money grabbing 12 years olds that are apparently sleeping with my mother. (Yes they are here too)

So in conclusion  –

D3 is a good game and one that I’m actually going to log back onto in a moment. It had an incredibly rocky start as for some reason they hadn’t prepared for what was coming despite it being the most preordered game in the last decade but I’ll accept that. You can prepare for a tornado but still get destroyed. The con’s of the game though a pain in the ass can be worked around and even if you are annoyed by them you’ll just rant a bit but still continue playing. I think that’s what I’m enjoying most. Despite its flaws I keep playing. I’m actually enjoying the game and maybe that’s the biggest pro it can get. It’s an enjoyable game.


And they say nerds don’t find love.

Published May 18, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So I was going to chat about D3 but another blog on I read on here gave me this plan. I would link them but firefox won’t allow me to load any blogs and as such I’m reading them off my phone. I’ve tried fixing it but laziness and lack of knowledge about technology has won again. So this weeks blog I will talk about me and Kim. I figured something so important in my life was worth a feature on my blog. I guess he deserves it too what with living with me.

So me and Kim met through work like most couples do though it was not a love at first sight type of romance. In fact he thought I was gobby and loud and I thought he was arrogant and terrifying.  After about 7 months of working together I got invited by a friend to go to their new table top roleplay of Star Wars hosted by Kim. I hadn’t done much,if any, roleplay but figured I might enjoy it. So we started gaming together and I got the impression that he wasn’t as much of a jerk as he first seemed. He wasn’t shouting at me about work so that was a bonus.

1 night about a month later I had this strange dream which he was in where he was just holding me telling me things would be ok. Now during this time I had been going through a bit of a down patch. Self harming almost every night, on and off vile anti depressants (Not good in simple) and when I had this dream I believed what he was saying and I woke up the next day feeling 1 – confused, why was it him and not my then current bloke? and 2- wondering how i would woo this strange Danish, slightly terrifying guy without coming off as crazy.

Well I went with number 2. Things between me and my ex had been strange for a long time. Even before we got married. We were more like friends who were living together than an actual couple – probably one of the major problems with meeting at school. I’d grown bored and wanted to experience life and he wanted well more than i was willing to give him. I’d gone from the puppy love teenager to the strange housewife in such a short while. But anyways enough about that. So option 2 it was, I would send odd texts, nothing obvious just things trying to make conversation, the type of trying to get the attention without scaring him into submission (he wouldn’t submit anyways, too damn stubborn for that). He sucked at getting the hint but one day we caught each other online. On Facebook of all places, I guess that’s one of the things good about the site. We decided to meet up town and as I agreed my heart pounded and I had to figure out ways to try to impress and not fuck it up. Or at least have him say no to me so I could work on getting that idea of a new relationship from my head.

So we meet up, go for a nice meal together. I sly in to the topic about relationships and he mentions that he wouldn’t want to be with me (just as an imaginary situation). Well I was destroyed but figured oh well, carry on like normal. We spend the entire day together. In the evening we parted and suddenly we’re chatting online again soon after. The conversation turned to more flirting to eventually pure smut but after it we both knew where we stood. We wanted to go out together, see how we coped on a date. Well that date ended up with me staying the night. We’ve been together ever since. The breakup with the ex could have gone better than expected. At least that ended just before the date or I might have felt guilty for technically cheating but we were over long before that night I felt.

But yes, me and kim. Hopefully together for much much longer. Not sure if I ever feel like getting married again after the last disaster but you never know. I love him and fingers crossed he loves me just as much.

Sexy men and sucky writing.

Published May 10, 2012 by reachandflexibility

Sooo, what to type about. Still waiting on my referral which looks like it will take a while. Still being fobbed around by the job centre people. Did I ever mention I hated these places? Full of under intelligent twats who have the nerve to look down their noses at every day people as they assume we’re all just lazy and wanting to scrounge of the government. I know they do this as to be honest I do this. It’s the scum office we go to, where the lowest of society meet to discuss whether McDonalds is better than Burger king and can compare plastic tacky earings. I hate the place, I hate the people using the service and the people who give the service. Ugh….

Still job hunting in Denmark. Is proving difficult and I’m getting ansy lurking around the house with no plan in mind. Maybe I should just look here or back home. But why should I give up that easily? I don’t want to settle in this forever in debt, inbreeding, shitty music playing hole. Lots of rage in this blog today. Need something good to talk about.Oh I know! Thai food!

The one good thing about the city of Cork is the Bana Thai. It is possibly the most amazing thai food place ever. Me and Kim go there each week and nom on nice curry and it is awesome. I could quite happily live off their food forever. Oh the subject of food I’ve found I can buy tiny pots of pineapple and just nom them whenever. God I love pineapple…God I’m boring. I need to lose weight. Caught a glimpse of myself in a window the other day and though slightly distorted I looked poofy. I may as well be pregnant the size of me currently. To be fair it’s probably what is causing all the problems. Maybe I should do something about it. God I hate dieting though. I hate gyms too but that’s for another reason. Ugh…slump *eats chocolate cookie*

Sorry I’m not a bouncy ball of fluff today. Coming up to the end of cycle 12 and I’m just ticking the days away till AF. Yet another month down. This month not even the slightest of a twinge. Almost like my body has forgotten about me. I’m a little bugged by last months turn of events and even more bugged by a friend on Facebook posting pictures of her daughter. You know she was born 2 days before my due date would have been. That’s just blegh. Need to get over things, need to move on and start doing something about this. Need to stop waiting for nature. Nature sucks. Science is where it’s at! God I feel like Cave Johnson at times – “Science isn’t about why – it’s about why not. You ask, Why is so much of our science dangerous? I say, Why not marry safe science if you love it so much? In fact, why not invent a special safety door that won’t hit you in the butt on the way out – because you are fired.”

Next update I promise will be a gaming review. I’m going to play this old old old game called Planescape Torment and then tell the world what it is like. That or I will get D3 and you won’t see me again for I’ll be crawling through dungeons and farming epics….Horray epics

NPH – Possibly the sexiest gay man ever!

Onwards to victory!!!

Published May 4, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So, with much contemplating I dragged myself to the doctor. 12 months we’re at. We’re moving but I need to put my mind at ease.

Well I toddle in after being kept waiting 45 minutes past my appointment time. Why dr’s take so long to get to people I’ll never know. It was opening time after lunch and I was the first appointment after it so no excuse. Either way I get in and explain the situation to him. He pulls up my chart and looks at my last numbers and such. I mention the chemical pregnancy which he looks at me confused with. He then asks “what do you mean?”….You’re the doctor! You should know this shit! Oh well, I tell him about it and he adds it to my notes. He then checks back over my blood tests and my cycle lengths (which cunningly I had with me) and the scan I had with the first miscarriage. They use the lingo missed miscarriage. I’m not sure if I prefer this title for it or not. It sort of states that I didn’t even know about it all in the first place. Then again chemical pregnancy likes to imply that I wasn’t even pregnant in the beginning. Asshole doctors with their terminology.

Anyways with a check slower than the previous time of 8 seconds when I first asked for the results he goes it seems very likely you have pcos. Your scan showed it and although your blood results were normal areas of it are a little on the “eh” side. He’s a medical genius with terms like “eh”. So he explained all the pcos to me, how my body might be ovulating as technically I have conceived twice but the eggs it is sending out are of a bad quality.  I just nodded despite knowing the majority of all this from google, forums, sister and such. It was pretty much a diagnosis there and then which I was a little surprised about. He showed me the notes regarding it all. Things that were  put by the doctor who scanned me and how he agreed with the blood tests. So yeah….pcos. It wasn’t a direct line of “you have this” but it was enough in detail for him to be happy with saying and for me to be happy with hearing. Well not happy but you get what I mean. There is a reason. I knew there was something and that’s a good start for me.

With this result he has forwarded my details to the local fertility department of the hospital who will run all the other tests and hopefully get me and Kim on the way to having out first child.

I don’t know how Kim is all with this. Maybe it’s a bloke thing to not overly react to situations like this. So long as he’s ok then I guess all is well with things. We’re finally not alone with all this. I just hope it’s not a long time to wait.