God I love google

Published April 29, 2012 by reachandflexibility

Today I’ve been playing doctor in my head. This is a fun game I like to play every now and again which basically involves me making up symptoms in my head and then deciding if I’m dying or not. This usually happens when I feel slightly off and like to think that maybe, just maybe all my problems can be solved with a simple diagnosis and some pills. So lets play!

(By the way I watch a lot of House so I could basically have anything but lupus)


So me –

25 years old,


weight (not telling you. More than it should be but not enough for me to feel guilty),

employment  – n/a,

diet – meat…..and whisky sauce

“Symptoms” –

Tired, like all the time. 8 hours sleep is not enough. 10+ needed and even then a nap is nice mid day

Constant feeling of unwellness. Sort of like that coming down with something feeling.

On and off depression, been going on for 10 years now. Usually alleviated by anti depressants of varying strengths but not been on these for a while.

Long cycles and painful as all fuck periods. Like paaaaainfulllll. Cycles are somewhat regular. Currently on shortest of 28 days, longest of 36. That’s for the last 11 months. AF usually shows anywhere between those days.

2 emc’s/ cp’s (chemical pregnancies – see previous blog for details)

11 months of ttc with above results.

So lets google and see what we get!!!

So according to google the top result was something called “Hypothyroidism” – I rule this one out as past blood tests have come back normal.

In second place we have “Bipolar Disorder”…. Just no google. Don’t try to throw conditions like this at me. It’s already been diagnosed that I just have boring old clinical depression…gawd….

And third place with another wtf face from is (drum roll please) …………..Heat Exhaustion – Yeah I know. In Ireland, in April…In Ireland. Have you seen the weather here??????

So the lesson of today is don’t bother googling what’s wrong with you. Chances are you’re fine and just need to take it easy. Google is evil. You will always find yourself on the forum where everyone had the worst case scenario. Headache? Well that’s a tumor. Blister? Nope sorry that’s gangrene and the poor guy that had it eventually lost his foot and then caught MRSA from the hospital where they removed the leg.

Stick to what you know. Are you dying? No? Then you’re fine. If you’re doctor says your results are normal then they were normal. This is more for my own brain than anything else 😀



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