When someone asks if you’re a god…

Published April 20, 2012 by reachandflexibility

Freya says YES!!! (And not like Daniel Bryan)

Today I’m going to talk about the Pathfinder game we play each week. I’m Freya, the group’s Dwarf Barbarian. I tried finding a picture that would display the epicness and grandeur of the character but nothing seemed to fit. Lets just say Freya will one day become a deity or if that fails she’ll be leader of a nation and will smite all who oppose her.

She’s joined by healy priest,cleric,mage, preacher and know-it-all thing Meredith. She’s the one with the apparent “good” in her however seems to have a thing for succubi and releasing them on innocent victims. She also likes searing hands a little too much.

We have Vanian the monk who using her high levels of skill and lucky dice rolls can run up walls and punch out bad guys. She also likes the song kung fu fighting.

Next is the half ork – Sheraz, cheraz, quantro…whatever – who hasn’t been there long. She came in after the player had his last 2 characters destroyed. And I mean flattened. We expect the same to happen with this one any time soon. In Pathfinder being smart is not always good.

And finally we have the afk one. Andarius the dragon caster guy. Whose mother is a whore. Oh did I not mention that before? She’s a whore, a slut and a harlot. Probably where Meredith gets her taste from. Basically Meredith is an orphan (nice bland background there) and Andarius is of course the son of a noble woman and her one night fling. Thanks to the 2 of them not covering all loose ends with their pasts it was decided their mother got around a bit in her young times and the 2 of them are actually related. So as I stated before “She’s a whore, a slut and a harlot”.

Now we’re currently questing through the Rise of the Runelords books (http://tiny.cc/roe2cw) and coming up to the final encounter. It’s been a good run, I still have no idea at all how power attack is meant to work but I do know I hate grapple and how it’s worked out and that if you get grappled you basically have no option whatsoever than to be squished.

The final fight will be interesting. Mostly because of how attached I’ve become to my character over the last year or so. Freya eventually gained back story, a personality. Hell even a husband. I guess what I’m saying is if she dies, then a little part of me dies too. Am I willing to give that up so easily? I don’t know…I’m not sure if it’s the same for other gamers out there. It will be sad to leave the characters that I’ve grown to love. I’ll miss the arguments that me and Meredith often have. Usually it’s me having an awesome idea and her saying that it’s not really suitable…But what does she know? I’ll miss seeing if Andarius’ bastard child grows to be a dragon as well. I’ll miss getting the monk drunk. I won’t miss the ork so much. He just spends his time letting me get hit by bosses so….

We’ll defiantly have to write our own tales after the story’s end. I refuse to just let the end be it.  Freya will continue to fight and will battle foes once again! After all who else is that good? Except maybe Shepard…



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