Nothing to see here.

Published April 18, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So after the last blog I’ve just been doing some thinking. Not serious thinking, god no my brain can’t handle that. Just simple thinking. As much as others think I should get checked out I’m going to leave it till I’ve moved to Denmark. I don’t want to undergo testing and such and then half way need to drop it and pick it up elsewhere. I’ll be fine anyways. I’m alive so all is good.

I’m currently playing quite a bit of WoW. Even though I left the company I still enjoy the raiding especially now that I’ve geared my healer. She’s got good to a point where i got a guild offer. Not bad for a bank alt ^^

Life has been simple the last few days. Yesterday I was freaking that I would never get a job. Regretting every life decision I’d ever made. Luckily I’ve shunned that little voice to the back of my head. No way am I letting myself get depressed over nothing. I’m better than that.

No news on when we will be moving yet but I’m figuring out the language very slowly but surely. Mostly slowly..Have decided I’ll read/write it first and then figure it out from there. Once that is down I’ll be ok.

I miss my family recently. I don’t miss the travelling home which is what is holding me off going back. That and the cost of it but I miss them none the less. Miss playing games on the sofa and shouting at Sarah to push the gate and jump backwards and then shouting as Lara jumps left and dies…Fucking Lara…

Not sure what to write today just wanted to let people know I’m alive and well. Dumdidum…Oh been watching a lot of Sherlock, It’s surprisingly good and so much better than Tony Stark feat. Jude Law. This guy looks strangely better too 😉



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