ø,oe or ur???

Published April 6, 2012 by reachandflexibility

So as things go I’m moving to Denmark. Kim took the redundancy at work (the one I missed out on by 6 days) and we have chosen to head to a more logical country. I’m looking forward to it even if it does mean I’ll be further away from home, can’t speak the language at all and will be away from friends who I’ve grown to love. It’s going to be interesting that’s for sure.

I’m trying to type today and have a sort of writers block. I wanted to review about Lego Batman which I’ve been playing all week but I’m doubting my skills writing anything at the moment. Today I guess I’m just in a mood with everyone and everything. My body is playing devious tricks with me and has been for about a week so I just don’t know where I stand with it at all. Getting tired of it and just want May to come so I can start tests. Though how that will work with moving to Denmark I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to leave it for a few further months instead. People keep saying just relax and it will happen. Most of these people are ones that have no clue though. They either have kids or have been “trying” for about a week or aren’t trying at all. Well you know what? FUCK THEM! I’ve said bollocks to the forums and Facebook and I’m going to stress about it!

Humph….*sulks* I really must have pissed someone off in a past life to end up like this. I try to be a good person. Well maybe a little judgemental and I criticize everything. That and I have said some pretty nasty things about people but doesn’t everyone? Maybe I’m being trialed by fire for it. I need to earn what I want rather than expecting it to just be given to me. But how do you earn something that is apparently natural?

I said at the start of the blogs I wouldn’t moan like this but I find writing clears my mind. Recently my brain has felt cluttered. I blame the mess around the house in sort of feng shui type way to be fair. I need to stop being so lazy but I’m thinking why bother as I’ll be packing anyways, and hopefully soon. I’m looking forward to moving way too much 😀

I’ll just link to this – This explains my main reason for being excited – http://satwcomic.com/exotic-food I fucking love their food!!!

I miss this too ^^



One comment on “ø,oe or ur???

  • You wont be all alone i DK, Im looking forward to finally meet the girl who capture my JarJars heart 🙂 So you have at least one friend here 🙂

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